Friday, July 11, 2008

Pop-Tarts or Penicillin?

The Republican attack automatons loins now girded for the fight of their lives (this isn't John Kerry you're running against, fellas...and just try swift boating us again, assholes) the bullshit is already stacking up on it's way to the highest rafters of the FoxNews studios. Candy for America! We don't need a cure when we've got Candy Coated FearTM for you to devour! Eat it and be happy that we, your Republican overlords, even deem you worthy of such gifts!

The latest? Complete and utter nonsense about Barack Obama increasing taxes on the middle class. "Look! He's a muslim! Maybe he's a terrorist? If he ain't, why does his name sound...hmmmm, Middle Eastern? He wants to tax you to the poor house! Socialized medicine! Commie! Terrorist
Communist Democrats hate America!" This latest tax attack is yet another farce and an outright lie. The same kind of lie we’ve come to expect after 7+ years of Bush/Cheney looking out for no one but the wealthiest of Americans. The video below breaks down how each American taxpayer will be affected under John McCain’s tax plan vs. Barack Obama’s:

Under McCain? The party continues for the oil barons and the old rich white men. Under Barack Obama? The middle class, those of us that bear the brunt of the workload that make this nation great receive the benefit.

The choice this November couldn’t be more clear: Four more years of Bush’s failed economic policies, of tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans while the poorest among us are dropped into the meat grinder and sent off to die in a war for oil profits?

Or Option B: taking this country back for the rest of us, for our children and our grandchildren. Setting us back on the course that Franklin D. Roosevelt pioneered in our darkest hour, leading the Greatest Generation to set the standard around the globe not only of economic strength, but of responsibility for each other. Back on a path of caring not only for our wallets and our damned bottom line but for our fellow man.

A new era when our friends, family and neighbors don’t have to choose between buying medicine or groceries because they can’t afford decent healthcare, all while the wealthy grow fatter on gasoline profits and bigger tax breaks.

How long do we lie on the floor with a boot at our necks? When is it enough?

This Fall, it's enough.

who can take a sunrise, sprinkle it with dew?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Monkey-

I notice in your tongue in cheek rant paraphrasing what you believe Republicans would say about Obama i.e. commie, socialized medicine, he's a terrorist etc. you also include tax you into the poor house.

Take a look at the numbers from the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE from 2005 and you will see that these "horrible" rich people--whom dems are so unhappy with--already paid, get ready for this, almost 97% of all taxes in the country!! (they make up about half of the population.)

The "poor" people, those who are in the bottom HALF of income tax brackets paid, pay attention now, 3% of all taxes collected in 2005.

Please refer to :

My question to you and Mr Obama is Why do we need to redistribute the wealth in this country?? It seems like the rich are doing much, much more than their fair share, doesn't it? Dems are ostensibly all about fairness, no? Obama wants to take another $700,000+ form these people!?

Government, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement and SHALL NOT TAKE FROM THE MOUTH OF LABOR THE BREAD IT HAS EARNED.

--THomas Jefferson

4:20 PM  

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