Wednesday, March 05, 2008

To Hell with the Women and Children...

And burn the damn ship! This appears to be the latest and greatest strategy, the "mentality" if you will, of Captain Hillary and the Good Ship Disenfranchised Voters sailing ever onward after she won Ohio last night and split Texas (winning the primary, while likely losing the caucus).

The delegate gain out of all of this hoopla and hullabaloo? Negligible. Nada. Nothing. She gained no real ground and she came no closer to securing the nomination to represent the Democratic Party as it's candidate for president. That mantle still rests squarely on the head of the Junior Senator from Illinois.

If this idea of the party and it's people be damned all the way to August's Denver convention surprises shouldn't. This is HillaryRodham-Clinton we're talking about. All powerful center of the Hillaverse. A creature comfortable only when promoting the cause of one Hillary Clinton and attacking all those opposed to what advances it's own selfish needs. What about the Democratic Party and all those voters and their ballots cast for her opponent, pledged delegates won via actual VOTING by the people of this beleaguered nation ready for change, you ask? Fuck 'em. Hillary's in this for the people! The "people" in this case being her of course.

Oh, and the Super Delegates. How could we forget them? They really matter. And they're just so dreamy,
right Hillary? Instead of determining who should have the chance to be our next president by actually giving the opportunity to the candidate chosen by the majority of voters (a DEMOCRACY), we'd rather stick to the old reliable Clinton way of doing things. Back room dealings and brokered conventions! Woo hoo! C'mon, doesn't that sound like fun, kids!

While John McCain is now cemented on the other side of the contest (and will be for months), building and bracing his campaign for what awaits in the fall...we're dragged onward through this slog of a slugfest that she cannot win. Slinging mud and diryting up a fellow democrat in the process. Doing much of the work for McCain, softening up his opponent before he has to spend a dime.

The harsh reality of the math simply does not back her continuing with this. Even winning every remaining contest with solid margins (which she absolutely will not do) would not allow her to pass Senator Obama in the delegate count.
Take a look at the scoreboard, Clintonites before you drop too much confetti and drink too much champagne. This thing was over before a single ballot was even cast yesterday. The people have spoken and they have chosen a new message and messenger. One of HOPE for our nation.

The new Clinton buzzword for the day is not 'Hope' but 'Momentum'. Momentum?! I'm confused. Is that Big Mo from winning the racist union vote in Ohio, or from squeeking out the primary in Texas thanks to playing on the fear of the poulace? Perhaps it's the momentum of carrying the enormous state of Rhode Island?

Maybe this is just crazy talk on my part, but I thought it took a little more oomph to create true momentum. Perhaps if Hillary can win twelve straight contests (as Barack Obama did), then she can speak of real momentum.

Good luck with that in Wyoming on Saturday. Oh, and we'll see you in
Mississippi on Tuesday. We'll be easy to spot, just look for the folks with the champagne and confetti.

all your sickness, i can suck it up.
throw it all at me.


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