Tuesday, September 18, 2007

That's one small step for one small man...

...and one stinky diaper for all mankind.

Our young hero has taken his first steps into a much larger world. And a prouder papa, I could not be! Since this video was shot just a few short weeks ago (by the multi-talented cinematographer Scout calls 'Mommy' and I call my bride) the kid has taken to walking like Britney Spears to a Bubba Burger.

After hearing the same question for months on end, Wendy Lu and I can finally say, "Yes dammit, he's walking!"

What in the hell the hurry everyone seemed to be in, I'll never know. We spend all but a few short months of our lives walking tall as evolution has so demanded...why not celebrate that short time we spend scooting about like the simians that spawned us?

are you ready boots? start walkin'!


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