Thursday, May 24, 2007

Greatest. Shoes. Ever.

Gas is nearly 4 dollars a gallon, American Idol is the most watched show on television, George Bush is still the leader of the free world, Britney is bald, cats and dogs are living together...MASS HYSTERIA! The world may be going to hell all around us, but hey...check out my new kicks. Oh Keds, how you ease the pain.

Honestly, when you (you being a corporation in this case) combine my love for all things Asteroids and patent leather into such sweet sneakers...well, you had me at 'Hello'.

How many hours did I spend at age 11 standing in front of that Asteroids cabinet at my local arcade dumping quarter after quarter while downing Mountain Dew after Mountain Dew instead of doing my homework? Far too many, my friend...far too many.

I literally purchase a new pair of shoes, on average, once in a presidential cycle. It's just not a real priority for me. But dammit, it's shoe form!

what you gonna do in those shoes?


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