Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sympathy for the Dick

Ponder this puzzle if you will...what puts our troops at greater risk?

a) Congress actually acting as some sort, hell ANY sort of check and balance in this absolute cluster fuck of a war in Iraq by calling George W. Bush and his attack dogs on their unending lies by bringing our men and women in uniform home.


b) Sending our greatest natural resource (yep, that's right Dick...even more valuable than oil) off to invade a sovereign nation that had done absolutely nothing to us in the first place.

Surprise, surprise...with a congressional vote upcoming to set a timetable for our withdrawal from Iraq, Mr. Congeniality himself Vice President Dick Cheney played that old favorite of the far right
on Monday...democrats don't support the troops! Liberals hate America! This is all Bill Clinton's fault. Well, not that last one just yet...oh, but give 'em a little time. Wait until 2008.

While this is nothing new for the man who has in the past tried (and failed) to link Iraq to September 11th and a burgeoning nuclear weapons program, and then questioned the patriotism of those who would doubt those farcical claims...his attacks now on those who would take up the burden of attempting to right this wrong offend no less.

As we approach 3,200 of our finest citizens never coming home to their families, and almost 24,000 never being the same after their time in Iraq...when is it enough? When does it end? If not RIGHT NOW...when. Will the former CEO of Halliburton please explain to those who've already lost someone they held so dear
for this nonsense exactly why that happened? Will he visit those who have had their lives so dramatically altered by the injuries they received fighting his president's war just what in the hell they were fighting for?

Perhaps he's merely spewing forth more venomous attacks against those who seek to clean up his mess because he's saving his kindest words, and his most humble humanity for those who mourn the staggering loss of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians. Dwell in that for a moment. Hundreds of thousands. People just like you or me, or your grandmother or your best friend Bob. While they may dress differently, speak in a different tongue or believe in a different god than you, dear reader...these are countless fragile human beings that cannot and will not be replaced. Many of them children who only wished for peace and parents to care.

Perhaps Mr. Cheney would care to talk about those little lives. No? How utterly unfortunate.

i watched with glee while your kings and queens fought for ten decades for the gods they made.


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