Monday, February 26, 2007

Is Aquanet stronger than Superman?

Enter one Sondra Prill: Tampa's own tonal temptress, sonic seductress and gifted goddess of groove. The absolutely frightening talent on display here was one of the greatest (and at the same time saddest) things about the 1980s; our unlimited access to money and media, Aquanet and amphetamines, video and Vicodin...and our resulting abuse of it all.

I give this gift to you my only son, my little Kal-El.
We can be a great people Kal-El; we do wish to be
. Learn from our mistakes, from where we've been...and how poorly we dressed when we were there.

And if I EVER wax nostalgic for Rubik's cubes and Reagan...I do hereby and forthwith give you my permission to punch me in the neck.

we ARE all part of the rhythm nation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Video has been removed by Sondra's embarassed family. A new Sondra Prill video is available here

3:27 PM  

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