Wednesday, November 01, 2006

It ain't easy being green

With mid-term elections less than a week away...strangely I'm reminded of a little pixilated amphibian from my childhood struggling to reach safe haven.

America the frog, as it were.

The hazzards we find ourselves thrown in front of thanks to the clueless klutz of a kid from Texas at the controls, the ever increasing dangers we narrowly avoid...despite his valiant attempts to get us squashed at every turn.

While we may only just be hopping off the highway at this mid-way point of the game, with the thrills and spills of log rides on the rapids lying ahead...we can begin to see the light of harbor two years out. To know that we can in fact do something RIGHT NOW to make that ride just a bit more bearable, to bring some sanity back to our world...makes the game all the more playable.

Those in power are growing more fearful by the day because they know that it's nearly time to right the sinking ship, to bring us back from the brink and hold those responsible for the state we now find ourselves in, accountable.

Go, you feisty little frog, go!

froggy went a courtin' he did ride...sword and a pistol by his side.


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