Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The makings of a VERY good evening...

Although a cold Georgia rain falls on this seventh day of November, tonight is shaping up to be warm, dry...and most enjoyable, thank you.

With what is essentially a national referendum on W's debacle in the desert, the country finally appears to be on the verge of turning a corner. I know, I know...we all thought the same fucking thing back in '04 when Kerry absolutely could not lose to the Texas twit.

But ya know what? The rest of the country just might actually be awake this time, and we may be ready to turn this damn thing around. To bring back the days when we were looked upon without universal condemnation, and global disdain...it's time to be the good guys again.

And speaking of being the good guy...what may very well be the Game of the Year, Gears of War, dropped for the XBOX 360 today and I've got the collector's limited edition tin burning up my grubby little hands.

The early word of mouth is that the title not only lives up to all the expectations and the hype...it actually exceeds them.
Gears may just be a war that we can all get behind.

This all-American cornerstone of the XBOX Christmas was developed by the homegrown guys and gals at Epic Games, just over the river and through the woods in Apex, North Carolina. Our family is more than a bit familiar with Apex, as the quaint little 'burb outside Raleigh serves as home to Wendy Lu's folks as well.

So, between bouts of MSNBC's Election Night coverage of our citizenry taking this country back from the monsters who've held sway in the Congress for a dozen years...I now also stand at the ready to beat back the Locust horde on this early Emergence Day.

Bill's beautiful box and Bush's blasted blunders...locusts and liberals. Only in America.

get up, stand up...don't give up the fight!


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