Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Time Is Now.

In the wake of a truly Super Tuesday, the snapshot that is American Politics 2008 is becoming clearer and more focused. While one party finds itself in tatters, torn between Bible thumping conservatives, Neo-cons, Moderates, and Fiscal Republicans...we are presented with a chance to not only make history, but to change history.

As Americans, we are once again given the opportunity to restore this great nation's standing in the world as a beacon of democracy, a shining light set out to guide by example....and not the war machine of the past seven years inspiring only shock, awe and
anger. And all we have to do is get the word out, get the people to the polls and VOTE.The caveat: we're Democrats...we always find a way to blow this thing. Be it Kerry not fighting back when the Swift Boat Veterans "for truth" smeared an American hero and we re-elected a draft dodging coward, or Al Gore not being able to even carry his own home state in 2000. Hell, the first ballot I ever cast for a presidential candidate went to Michael Dukakis in that lost cause of his '88 campaign. Could we do it again? You'd better believe it. Disaster, thy name is Hillary.

Want to motivate and unite a deflated and splintered Republican party? Then nominate Hillary Clinton. Look, I like Hillary and I agree with her on several issues, particularly her ongoing struggle for national health care. She's been trying to fight that battle since her husband's first term and I appreciate her hard work. But this is a woman that is so polarizing, so hated by the conservatives of this country that they will come out in droves just to vote against her. They will hold their noses and cast a ballot for a moderate John McCain just to stop what they believe to be 'Godzillary'. And we as Democrats will once again snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

But do I really believe that this will happen? No, I most certainly do not. And here's 13 reasons (New Mexico is this close to being 14) why: Alaska... Missouri... Colorado (my home state making me proud!)... Idaho... Minnesota... Connecticut... North Dakota... Utah... Kansas... Alabama... Delaware... Illinois... (and where our family currently hangs our hats) Georgia. Thirteen states on Tuesday that stood up and said that this will NOT be one of those years. This time is different. Hope is real and change is coming to America.

Barack Obama will blaze a new chapter in the book that we, our parents, grandparents and great grandparents have written as Americans, a book that we pass on to our children. Not only by becoming our first black president, but as the president who can and will bring us back together, to heal a hurt and humbled nation on the heels of the some of the most trying times we've faced in our long and sometimes very difficult history. To recover from the long national nightmare that is the Bush administration, we need someone who inspires people to come together to work towards that common goal. We need a president that not only wants to end this unjust war in Iraq, but one who never supported it in the first place. We need leadership that will bring affordable health insurance to all Americans who want it with a realistic and workable plan. He will be the man to (as Barack has stated so eloquently) speak to not just red and blue states, but United States.

Since the voters of Iowa stood up and made their voices heard just over one month ago, a hymn of hope has rung out across this great nation. From the marshes of the South Carolina Lowcountry to the snow capped peaks of the Colorado Rockies, the chorus for change is growing louder. Out on the frozen lakes of Minnesota to the scorched deserts of New Mexico, their voices must be heard. Sweeping from the shores of Connecticut and Delaware across the plains of Kansas and Illinois all the way up the majestic mountains of Alaska...YES WE CAN cry out Americans from every walk of life!

Our time is here. Our time is now.

and these children that you spit on as they try to change their world.


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Excellent work, I think you should e-mail it to Obama's campaign.
You are an amazing writer. Follow your dream........we love you.

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