Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Girl

Celebrating not only the second anniversary of my son's arrival this month (and the fabulous festivities my wife hosted in his honor), we've pulled back the curtain on Wendy Lu's beautifully ballooning belly and announced that our family unit is set to grow a little larger in just over four months time.

In breaking with the precedent we set during Scout's stay in the womb, we mutually agreed to take a peak at this wee one's bits via ultrasound and spoil the surprise. To say that we're all (grandparents and extended family included) thrilled with the news that we have not only a girl, but a healthy girl on the way...well, that would be the understatement to trump all understatements.

Reflecting on what has been and what's to come, I am awestruck. From my beauteous bride
who continues to be as fertile as the Ukrainian breadbasket we left behind, and to define patience and endearing love as a mother; to my brilliant boy with that flint of fire that glows in his eyes each and every day as he learns, grows and continues to amaze and amuse both of us at each and every turn.

To now pile on with the package that is this precious princess, to be given not only a daughter but a little sister for our Scout...I'm overwhelmed by the generosity of this gift.
I'm not sure what I did to deserve such good fortune, or how I stumbled upon this wonderful life I've been given...

but I will earn this.

i guess you'd say, what can make me feel this way?


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