Friday, June 18, 2010

Prostrate to Petroleum

Republican Congressman Pete Barton of Texas (big surprise, right?) apologized...FUCKING BP Head Honcho in Charge of Destroying the Planet One Barrel at a Time (how does he fit that on his business card?) Tony Hayward on Capitol Hill today.

I don't know why I'm even surprised by this. When party mouthpiece, self-anointed ruler and resident blowhard Rush Limbaugh has taken up the defense of these money grabbing environmental's actually shocking it took one of his minions in congress this long to tow the line.

When you, "you" in this case being any and every citizen around the globe with the good fortune of calling themselves an American, take a long hard look at what's happening to our Gulf of Mexico and the states that not only border it, but rely on it...what do you see?

Does your heart break at the unbearable sight of our dependency on this crude (literally) that coats and chokes the life out of countless fish, sea mammals and birds? Do you just want to curl up and cry at the thought of what the people of the region have been forced to endure, yet again, even after their suffering at the hands of Katrina? Christ, didn't that just happen?

Or, like our pal Congressman Barton up you feel sorry for Captain Tony and BP? How much money is enough? How many goddamn barrels? How many people have to lose their livelihoods for you to call it a day? How many animals have to suffer, how much blood has to be spilled for this black death?

Does Pete Barton and his apology, his idolatry of the almighty dollar really represent us? If he does, and if it does...what in the hell have we become?

We're all BP now.

black gold, texas tea.


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