Sunday, February 07, 2010

Sarah's reading...palms?

Just a bit of friendly advice for Sarah Palin. If you're even considering a run at the White House in 2012, you may want to be able to regurgitate a handful of your own talking points when asked without having to have them as a...well, as a handful.

Caribou Barbie having to rely on crib notes scrawled on her palm when addressing her fellow teabaggers (while being paid one hundred large to do so) is disappointing to more than just the six hundred (yep) gathered to hear her rail against all that is the Marxist Utopia of Barack Hussein Obama's Amerika...this saddens me and should others in the progressive movement as well. Why?

Who among you really believes that this lunatic couldn’t (and wouldn’t) excite that “base” of rabid, racist fear-mongers who ask “Where is my America?” because a black man is president? Will she bring them out in droves to the primary polls? Of course she will. We should support that.

Winning a Republican (or Tea Party) nomination and winning a general election are two very different things. When the entirety of your support comes from angry white trailer park residents, "Greed is good" Gordon Geckos and some all too easily confused and controlled fundamentalist Christian voters that view the world through the cracked lens of FauxNews, that gets you what…twenty to twenty-five percent of the electorate? Maybe thirty? No Latino, black, or intelligent white voter will ever back this nut job and President Obama would be re-elected in a landslide of historic proportions.

Outside of Alabama, what state will she carry? Alaska? Not likely. Remember that she quit on all Alaskans not even halfway through her term as governor to chase the pot 'o gold at the end of that hate speech circuit rainbow. We should all not only hope and pray that she runs, we should support her and her teabagging aspirations every step of the way to ensure she gets the nomination.

So, please (for all of us) keep writing on your palm like you're cheating at 10th grade algebra, Mrs. Palin. Will we support your run to nowhere?

You betcha!



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