Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pat Robertson is compassion personified.

From this past Thursday's "must see TV" edition of The 700 Club:

Thanks, Pat for yet another pearl of wisdom.

"Doll yourself up, honey." Are you fucking kidding me? Has this toad even looked in a mirror since the Carter administration?

All this compassion from the same guy who, on the day after the horrifically devastating January Haititan earthquake, blamed the people of the poorest nation in the western hemisphere for bringing it upon themselves by "making a deal with the devil." Really doing your Lord and Savior proud there aren't ya, Pat?

As someone who is not only a happily married man, but from a man who's actually spent several months with boots on the ground in Port-au-Prince back in the mid-nineties. While I would never presume to speak for wronged women everywhere, or for the island nation of Haiti...I think I can speak from a place of knowledge, and really from the heart here when I say this:

Go fuck yourself, Pat.

barefoot and pregnant you kept me.


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