Sunday, May 10, 2009

Eye of the Tiger

If after watching that, you're not excited....then I just don't know who you are. Punch-out takes me back to the 80's in a way that those Vh1 reuniting the band crapfests can only dream of.

My little brother, Corey, and I working to figure out each fighter's tell (because they all had a tell) day after day, night after night to the strains of those classic midi chords. Working up a sweat with your thumbs, taking Little Mac up through the ranks from the aptly named Glass Joe, through King Hippo and his belly button patch, to the endearing stereotype of Piston Honda. Slugging and slogging all the way to the charging Bald Bull and the World Title! *Whew* all done, right? Wrong. All that ache only to finally reach "Iron" Mike Tyson...pre-ear eating, not yet batshit crazy, legendary warrior Mike Tyson. The man was a gladiator, a god of the ring. Both virtual and real. We got the ever-loving piss stomped out of us for, weeks on end. Ah, memories.

Folks like to say "They don't make 'em like that anymore." Nintendo does. And I (and probably Coco as well) cannot wait for the thumbaches of the Reagan era to return.

went the distance, now i'm back on my feet...just a man and his will to survive.


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