Wednesday, February 08, 2006

"For war, billions more...but no more for the poor."

Preach it, Little Stevie Wonder…preach it.

As the beloved wife of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and a valiant civil rights leader in her own right, Coretta Scott King is laid to rest and mourned and honored by countless thousands over the past several days. The Rev. Joseph Lowery quoted Motown legend Wonder most aptly at King's funeral as George W. Bush unleashed his latest salvo on America’s less fortunate, those poured into the meat grinder of the never-ending battlefield our president has created (all in the name of democracy), but not welcomed in the country clubs and the Halliburton board room.

Bush's new budget gives billions upon billions to contractors and the military for his little lie of a war in Iraq, while at the same time gouging Medicaid and other social programs. All as more and more families already have to choose between eating and buying medicine, while at the same time our children and grandchildren are saddled with greater and greater debt. But why is this even a surprise, as this is nothing new for our “great leader's” presidency?

While former Presidents Carter and Clinton spoke of more work to be done, unity and moving forward together, Bush and his father could only sit and shake their heads in disbelief at King’s funeral as his policies are dragged out into the light and exposed for what they are, more benefits and greater stock prices for the wealthiest of our country’s citizens while the poor are robbed of the most basic of healthcare as they send their loved ones off to Baghdad to die in the streets.

Is Bush ashamed of what he’s done and continues to do? Of course he’s not. But as Americans, we all should be.

sleep tonight...and may your dreams be realized.


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